Why train your dog?

Dogs need to be behaviourally compatible with the human world in order to live a long and happy life. Many people consider their dogs family members and thus they are members of the greater community. As pets we expect our dogs to be companions that fit into our modern world.

Everyday reasons to train your dog …

  • to come when called
  • safe with others / not aggressive – animals + people
  • not destructive (chewing, digging)
  • not a nuisance (barking, jumping up, mouthing)
  • no stealing (food, socks, children’s toys, etc)
  • feeling relaxed when left alone (no anxiety)
  • feeling relaxed when around others (no uncontrollable overexcite-ability)
  • overcoming fearful behaviours

These are the most common problems people have with their dogs but the list goes on.

The good news is that just like humans, dogs live within social structures (packs). They inherently know that rules exist and are to be followed. However, how do you get your dog to agree that it is your rules by which to live? And how do you communicate your rules to your dog?

Demonstrating consistency in your relationship with your dog builds your dog’s trust in your leadership. Introducing a congruent language through obedience exercises builds a solid foundation of communication. That language is then used to teach manners – all the good behaviours we would like our dogs to have. And it is also used to rehabilitate problem behaviours.

Sounds good? Contact me today.


Why train 1
There are so many fun places to go when your dog is listening.
Why train 2
This lunch was enjoyable for everyone involved! No jumping up, no begging or stealing food, no dog locked away because they couldn't handle the situation.

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