How does it work?
The building blocks of your dependable companion.

My approach to dog training is holistic.

Via teaching your dog obedience exercises you can establish a clear and easy way of communication (language). Your dog’s understanding of this language is then used to teach good manners. Once there is a solid foundation of obedience and manners in place it is time to tackle your dog’s more serious behavioural issues.

All three areas (obedience, manners, problem solving) need to be treated as a unity. Picking and choosing will not result in the same positive outcome than when holistically training your dog.

It is a process. There are no short-cuts and no quick and easy fixes. However, if you are committed to training your dog in a holistic way positive changes will follow. Step by step your dog can grow into your dependable companion.


How is it done 1
Safety - dogs stay in the car until invited out, no matter what!
How is it done 2
Dogs staying outside shop calmly and confidently.

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