About Mia

I have always admired those rare people who lived with a dog that just listened and was well-mannered. Instead of a lead they had trust in their dogs. I used to think that these people were magical dog whisperers. And that they probably had been blessed with “a good dog” to start with. How else would it be possible?!

Today I know that this kind of relationship stems from a commitment to develop it. Just like any other relationship. If you tend to it, it flourishes. To find out more about the method I use please go to How does it work?

I feel blessed to have been shown a way to become the previously admired person mentioned above with a dog that just listens and is well-mannered. It doesn’t happen over night and it’s not all easy as pie but it’s an awesome and rewarding journey.


About me
Fiorenzo, Lenny, Mia, Louie & Harry

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